Angsana Spa takes its name from the exotic Angsana Tree – a tall, tropical rainforest tree noted for its crown of golden, fragrant flowers, which bursts into bloom unexpectedly. The Angsana teaches one to live life spontaneously, to sense the moment and savour time as it passes inexorably.

Drawing expertise from Banyan Tree, Angsana Spa’s refreshing blend of treatments places special emphasis on the use of natural ingredients such as native flowers and fruits. It is based on the use of aromatherapy, the therapeutic sense of touch, and a fusion of techniques from the East and West to refresh and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit.

Its signature Angsana Massage was created exclusively for Angsana Spa. Using Euphoria Oil, extracts from Ylang Ylang, Litsea Cubeba and Sweet Basil, this unique treatment induces deep relaxation, relieves tension and aids blood circulation.

For guest's ultimate spa experience, a 30-minute relaxation time has been added into each a-la-carte treatment or spa package. Guest will have ample time for a refreshing foot wipe gently performed by our skilled therapists prior to their treatment. After the rejuvenating and invigorating pampering, they can leisurely relax while sipping their choice of soothing tea.

All Angsana Spa therapists are formally trained with the art of touch based on stringent curriculum of the accredited Banyan Tree Spa Academies located in Phuket in Thailand, and Bintan in Indonesia. Banyan Tree Spa Academy in Phuket is accredited by Thailand’s Ministry of Education and Ministry of Public Health and Banyan Tree Spa Academy Bintan is licensed by Indonesia’s Ministry of Education. The dedicated training facilities ensure that our therapists deliver high-quality service consistently to exceed the expectations of the most discerning spa enthusiasts, a promise many have come to trust in the Angsana Spa experience.

Launched in 1999, the award-winning Angsana Spa has successfully branched out to approximately 30 establishments in 16 countries worldwide - Greater China, Guam, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Laos, Maldives, Mauritius, Morocco, Qatar, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam within a short period. With the rapid growth of Banyan Tree Spas and Angsana Spas in the last three years, the spas saw a turnover of 1 million guests or an average of over 300,000 guests per year.

List of Angsana Spas ( spas)

  • Kenya Angsana Spa Wadi Degla Club Runda (2019)
    Mauritius Angsana Spa Balaclava Mauritius (2009)
    Morocco Angsana Spa Morocco, Marrakech (2007)
    South Africa Angsana Spa Vineyard Hotel, Cape Town (2005)
  • Greater China Angsana Spa Alto Residences (2019)
    Angsana Spa Grand Cosmos Resort Ruisui Hualien (2019)
    Angsana Spa Hotel ICON, Hong Kong (2011)
    Angsana Spa Hotel Nikko Shanghai (2010)
    Angsana Spa & Hot Spring Xishuangbanna (2018)
    Angsana Spa Jinling Nanjing (2014)
    Angsana Spa Park Island, Hong Kong (2003)
    Angsana Spa Seaview Xiamen (2012)
    Angsana Spa Tengchong Hot Spring Village (2013)
    Angsana Spa The Garden Hotel Guangzhou (2007)
    Angsana Spa Xi’an Lintong (2014)
    Angsana Spa Zhuhai Phoenix Bay (2018)
    Guam Angsana Spa Sheraton Laguna Guam (2007)
    India Angsana Oasis Spa Bangalore (2001)
    Angsana Oasis Spa UB City, Bangalore (2008)
    Indonesia Angsana Spa Bintan (2000)
    Japan Angsana Spa ANA Crowne Plaza Kobe (2007)
    Laos Angsana Spa Luang Prabang (2005)
    Maldives Angsana Spa Ihuru (2001)
    Angsana Spa Velavaru (2006)
    Sri Lanka Angsana City Club & Spa Crescat City, Colombo (2006)
    Angsana Spa Marino Beach (2018)
    Thailand Angsana Spa Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket (1999)
    Angsana Spa Laguna Phuket (2000)
    Vietnam Angsana Spa Lang Cô, Central Vietnam (2013)
  • Ireland Angsana Spa Bunratty (2007)
    Angsana Spa The Brehon, Killarney (2004)
  • Qatar Angsana Spa Grand Regency Hotel Doha (2009)

About Banyan Tree – Spa & Gallery

The leading Asian spa operator and pioneer of the tropical garden spa, Banyan Tree Spa first opened in 1994 in Phuket, Thailand. Like the tropical and sacred tree that inspired its name, Banyan Tree Spa offers guests a Sanctuary for the Senses – a haven for physical, mental and spiritual renewal. Its spa philosophy focuses on a non-clinical and holistic ‘high-touch, low-tech’ approach that celebrates the human touch and the use of natural herbs and spices. Sensing the moment, Angsana Spa complements Banyan Tree Spa with its contemporary chic and vivacious treatments. Inspiring guests to live life spontaneously and savour time, its refreshing blend of treatments emphasises the use of native flowers and fruits.

A retail arm of Banyan Tree, the lifestyle-oriented Banyan Tree Gallery offers traditional handicrafts, spa products and accessories, travel mementos, resort-style home furnishings and apparel. Acting as a global marketing platform, these initiatives help sustain village crafts and employment for numerous communities. To recreate a pampering home spa experience, signature spa, bath and body care products can also be purchased at

To date, Banyan Tree Group owns and manages more than 60 Spas in close to 25 countries under the Banyan Tree Spa, Angsana Spa and Elements Spa By Banyan Tree brands. It also operates approximately 75 retail galleries worldwide, including affiliate brands, Angsana Gallery, Heritage Collection By Banyan Tree and Elements By Banyan Tree.